About me - juliandiamond

Hi, I'm Julian.  I'm a landscape photographer from Dutchess County, New York, in the heart of the Hudson Valley. I take pictures of things I find beautiful, unique, or otherwise worthy of documentation.

The Hudson Valley is home to roaring waterfalls, craggy peaks, serene lakes, countless historic sites, marvelous bridges and highways, and one awesome river running through it all. I'll never be able to capture everything, but I try get a little closer each day. I also spend a fair bit of time exploring and photographing the neighboring New England states.

All of the photos listed here are available for sale. I have tens of thousands of unpublished photos stowed away, so if you have a subject or location in mind and don't see an image of it here, please email me in the "Contact" tab.

Finally, I appreciate any and all support, whether it be buying a print, browsing the images for your personal enjoyment, or sharing my site with friends. Thank you!